To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose
under the heaven: A time to weep,
and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn,
and a time to
Ecc. 3:1-4

River Valley Dance Society


River Valley Dance Society
is a group of families and
singles who get
together to enjoy
social dancing.

Dances will include Contra,
English Country, Waltzes,
Squares and
International Folk.

Something for Everyone!

Come join us every 4th Saturday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at
Grace Fellowship Church for a couple of hours of FUN.

We Promise You'll . . .

  • Make New Friends
  • Hear Great Music
  • Get Good Exercise
  • Your Spirits will be Lifted High
  • People will smile at you while looking you in the eye!

Do I need a Partner?

No, in Contra Dance, you switch partners every dance, so no you don't have to come as a couple and if you do, you'll be dancing with others.

What is Contra Dancing?

A caller, usually working with a group of live musicians, guides new and experienced dancers alike through a variety of dances.
A dancer and his or her partner dance a series of figures, or moves, with each other and with another couple for a short time.
They then repeat the same figures with another couple, and so on. The figures are combined in different ways for each different dance
and some of them are similar to old-time square dance.

The caller teaches each dance before it is actually danced to the music. This gives everyone an idea of what to expect so the movements can be easily executed.
The caller leads the dances while they are being danced to music, so dancers are able to perform each movement to the music.
Once the dancers appear to have mastered a particular dance, the caller may stop calling, leaving the dancers to enjoy the movement with music alone.
People of all ages and lifestyles, including children, are welcome.
Contra dances are a place where people from many walks of life come together to dance and socialize.

More Information: Contra Dance Primer It is what geeks do for fun . . .Check out this article a Math Professor:
Contra Dancing and Matrices
What is Contra Dancing is NOT:
  • Contra dancing is not the same as country line dancing.
  • Contra dance groups receive absolutely no funding from Oliver North.
  • No classes are required, each dance is 'taught' by the caller before you dance to the music.
  • We do not wear costumes but ladies usually wear skirts. I really looks cool when they swing! Soft soled shoes are needed to protect the floor.
  • Very little footwork is required in contra dance. The most common type of movement is a smooth walking step.

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